London Redux


I’ve actually done pretty well in London this time.  The key to this is going to the good stuff I discovered last time though.  I hit up the Masala Zone and only ordered off the Street Food menu.  I’ll have to remember to take pictures next time since some of the stuff is completely indescribable.  I did finally have passable fish and chips at...
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Day 1:  I arrived at about 3pm at the hotel after not sleeping at all on the plane.  I must say – the new United International business class is certainly a step up from what it was before – but I’m not sure it’s quite up to the same standards as some of the other airlines.  The middle section is actually 4 seats in...
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Charleston (December 2, 2010) – Oak

Tuscan Rubbed Filet2

There are good steaks and then there are great steaks.  Some of the great steaks I have had have come from some well known places.  I still love the porterhouse that Tam and I first had at Ruth’s Chris in Irvine, although pretty much any steak I’ve had at that chain since has been mediocre.  I’ve had all around great experiences at Flemings and...
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Mediterranean Cruise: Day 10, Pompeii

October 11, 2010

Pompeii was actually divided into three parts:  cheese, pizza, ruins.  The day was possibly also rated best in that order – the cheese was the star of the show,...
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Mediterranean Cruise: Day 8, Athens

October 9, 2010

Alright – Athens was cool.I’m not sure we really got to get a feel of the city, but the Parthenon is probably the coolest thing we have seen.  I’m...
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Mediterranean Cruise: Day 7, Turkey

October 8, 2010

We decided not to really do anything in Turkey but go into town.  We could have gone to Ephesus to see a ruin of a city, and apparently the...
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Mediterranean Cruise: Day 6, Mykonos

Mykonos is, I am sure, a lovely island when it’s summer, the sun is out, the hills are green and the water is a bright blue.  We were going for that “Mamma Mia” experience – you know, the one where Merryl Streep is driving up these ridiculously narrow cobblestone roads next to donkeys with...


Mediterranean Cruise Day 4: Sicily

After 3 days of almost continuous walking (and a pretty decent workout in the gym every day) we decided to take a day off.  Rather than doing any of the shore excursions or trying to get anywhere, we decided to just walk around the port town of Messina.  This town had some annoying flies,...


Mediterranean Cruise: Day 3, Rome

Once again, we decided to do a shore excursion in Rome.  There are some places that you just can’t get to in a day if you don’t have someone lugging you around – that is, if you don’t have someone escorting you past all the long lines.  Given limited time, and plenty of sites...


Mediterranean Cruise: Day 2, Florence

Florence was our first destination where we decided to do a shore excursion.  Being one of the major centers of art and all that, it seemed to make some sense to get dragged around to the different sites.  Not to be judgmental in any way, I was a bit surprised to see exactly how...


Mediterranean Cruise: Day 1, Nice

So we’re finally on the boat, we seem to have been seated at the “kids” table.  Doing a cruise in October will almost assure you of having no kids on the boat, and also having a large number of retirees or at least middle-aged folk who no longer have to worry about being soccer...


Mediterranean Cruise: Day 0, Barcelona

I must say that I really love Spain.  Perhaps it’s a bias from being able to communicate however minimally in Spanish, but I think that both Madrid and Barcelona have been so completely charming and our previous drives through the country staying in the Paradores were excellent.  This time, we managed to stay in...

2010-06-17 12.16.20

I was bumping around trying to figure out where to get a good...


I’m officially a convert and Catherine Zeta Jones steals the show in what is...


I was actually going to go somewhere else for dinner, but could not...


Map Here is a map of all the places we hit.  It’s insane as...


Rubens Empanadas Thao and I got the call that everyone was heading to...


Ippudo We all decided to go back so that Thao could have the ramen...